Saturday, September 4, 2010

So, it's been about 3 months since I last updated. Sorry! Life just kind of sneaks up on you. So where to begin? Matt went to school ALL summer...poor guy. He knocked out 20 credits in less than 3 months! Yes, I know...he's like SUPERMAN or something! Go babe!! Not to mention, he totally made all A's again! He still has his 4.0 GPA! [And he totally took Anatomy and Physiology! -- which is HARD stuff!] I finished my first term at my online school - WGU. I love them! I am set to graduate Dec. 2011 with my teaching degree! Yes! Aubrey is our little stinker -- she brightens our lives so much! Matt and I are so GLAD, PROUD, THRILLED, and BLESSED to have her! :) We still can't believe that she will be TWO on the 18th of this month. She is learning how to talk better -- although most of what she says is in Chinese -- ;) Her favorite t.v. show is Caillou. YUCK! But, hey I can't complain -- it keeps her entertained so I can get school work done! She loves reading books with Mommy/Daddy, playing with her babies, and playing with her favorite cousin - Abby! She is great! [Definitely spoiled rotten too!]
Matt and I have booked our tickets for Utah this winter!! January 4th-11th! We were planning on visiting in August of this year, but our frequent flier miles wouldn't allow it! :( Oh well! We are excited anyways! We have been working on our home like crazy! If we aren't doing school work, or playing with Aubrey -- we are working on our home. Our next project is ripping out the laundry room/bathroom floor and redoing it all. FUN! [Our pipes burst last winter so we have to replace all of the floors.] We are still planning on moving to Utah next May/June. We are so excited!!! Just everyone hope and pray when we go to list our home -- that we don't have any trouble selling it! :)
Our Home BEFORE - while we were adding the upstairs.  

Our Home AFTER the upstairs was added! :) [Ignore our NON-landscaped yard! It's on the to-do list!]
Me blowing out my candles! [Yeah, I know there aren't 24 of them!]
We also recently celebrated my 24th birthday! Man, I can't believe I am that old! Matt went ALL OUT. I felt so special! He got my wedding ring fixed! [I had knocked it really hard 3 months previous and lost 2 diamonds. :( Yeah, 225 bucks later! Yikes!] He also got me a cake from my favorite in town bakery and an awesome gift basket with all of my favorite treats! Man, I think he loves me or something! :) :) :) He also coordinated with Boyd [the guy who lives with us.] to have the house decorated with like a bazillion balloons and streamers for when we got home from church! :)

My sissy, Mom, Aubs, and me! [Those are some of the balloons in the background!]
Oh and I decided it would be a SMART idea to get Matt to cut off 10 inches of my hair! :) I got it fixed by hair stylist. I love it! So easy to do! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Aubrey loves smiling!! :)

Here are a few new pics of Aubrey. I can't believe she will be 20 months old on the 18th! Where does the time go? Angie keeps telling me..."Time to get pregnant! Time to have another kid!" and then Matt asked Aubrey earlier today if she wanted a baby sister and Aubrey's reply was "Yeah! Yeah!" Well, sorry to burst your bubbles guys...I need to finish school, so maybe we'll try for a new baby next fall? (Because I graduate in the Fall if all goes as planned!) 
We have been so busy with school, (It's FINALS week for Matt.)remodeling our home, taking care/playing with Aubs, celebrating Angie's Graduation and Mother's Day!
We are so proud of Ang! She is now has her Bachelors in Nursing. YOU GO GIRL! Here's a pic from her big day:
 So we are great! CRAZY Busy like everyone else! We'll upload pics of our remodel project soon when it's done! YAY! Hope everyone is GREAT!!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Just a quick note.

We are alive! AND great! Sorry, I haven't blogged in 32042039348092 years. We are so busy with our school work, Aubrey, helping family, house work - remodeling, and Matt starting up a new online business, that blogging kind of goes on the back burner. Sorry!

Our Easter was great! We enjoyed Conference! Aubrey had been sick most of the day with a fever because she has her BIG back teeth coming in, (Yeah, 102.5 temp. YIKES!) so I was sad she wouldn't be able to easter egg hunt, but later on in the day luckily she was feeling better and was able to hunt her eggs! She did such a great job and really enjoyed it! We enjoyed spending time with family! We had my Mom, Dad, Sister Lizzie,Tom, Ang, Abby, Angie's brother Ben, Stan, and Boyd (the guy who lives with us) over for dinner. We had some yummy food too!!

Here are some pics:
She did so good! She'd pick up her egg, put it in her basket and then run excitedly to the next one and do it again!

Our newest family pic! My dad took a few this week and they turned out really well! (My dad had to dangle fruit snacks over the camera so Aubrey would smile.)

Look at those pretty blues! She kinda looks like her daddy huh? ;)

April - this one's for you! Aubrey's thighs at 18 months old. Don't ya just want to bite them? She's got some sexy legs going on! haha! ;)

 And here's a long over due pic from Lil John's wedding! :)

School is great for both Matt and I. All A's so far! Aubrey is as freakin cute as ever. She talks more, can run REALLY fast (especially away from mommy at Walmart), and loves her cousin Abby sooo much - maybe too much and too hard sometimes! haha. :) She'll make a great big sister when we eventually have another baby. We are thoroughly enjoying her, so no rush! :)

We are doing great and are so blessed!! LOVE YOU ALL.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


Okay, so between school/studying, remodeling our home, taking care of Aubrey, visiting my mom and helping her with her new home, cooking - cleaning - babysitting Abby when I can -, and feeding a herd of hungry men - I don't have much time to blog. UGH. Sorry.

Well, we had tons of snow about a week ago. (about 6-8 inches in our area) Crazy huh? We've never had this much snow (that I can remember?) in all of my 23 1/2 years of existence. It was beautiful and we wish it would have lasted longer, but of course all good things come to an end sometimes right? We were sad to see it go. Anywho - We have our upstairs remodel sheet-rocked and insulated (almost!). Thank goodness!! So maybe sometime in the near future - it will be done and usable!

Aubrey is saying new things now - like: bye bye, ba-by, ya and no (while shaking her head with the correct response), and she says tank-you and ba (which means please for now.). She is growing like a weed. She runs now and FAST. I have to keep my eyes on her at all time when we are at the grocery store now. She's a handful, but a sure dang cute one! Oh and she loves ABBY!

We are good. School is busy. I am still going to try and blog at least once a week! :)

And when I eventually get my camera my dad is giving me - I'll add pics! ;)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

This week...

Well, I started school Monday and so far, so good! Hopefully it goes by as smoothly for the rest of my degree! :) I went to my mom's house (an hour and 20 mins away) last Saturday and well planned on only staying the day - well long story short - I didn't come home until Wednesday of this week! ha! I helped her with the decorating, painting, cleaning of her home. Man, do I love to decorate especially when you can spend someone else's money doing it! :) We really enjoyed being with her and my brother Danny and sister Lizzie.

When I arrived home, I went to Angie's on Thursday and spent the day with her cleaning and organizing to get ready for Chelsea's arrival that same night. Then at about 11:30 pm - Tom, Ang, Chelsea, and Abby came by for movie night. We watched The Time Traveler's Wife. (sad, but interesting movie!) And they ended up staying until 4 AM. IT was way fun! We really enjoy Chelsea! She's a sweet and fun girl.

Friday I spent the day cuddling Aubrey because she had a fever and wanted Mommy to just love on her all day. I didn't mind one bit! :) Then Friday evening, my Dad and Tom, Ang, Chelsea, and Abby, and the missionaries came over for dinner. It was fun! We had Jodi's Teryaki chicken, egg rolls, and salad. It was amazing! (Thanks for the recipe Jod!) My dad and I made brownies for dessert. I really enjoyed spending time with him! We had a blast!

Now, today we plan on working on our home, doing homework, and having a triple date tonight! I'm excited!! :)

I promise we'll post pics soon! We just sold our camera and are in the process of getting a new one! (My dad is giving us one! YAY!!)

Hope everyone is great! xoxo

Sunday, January 24, 2010

So, I'm gonna try...

TO be better about writing on our blog! I love going to families/other peoples' blogs and reading about what has been going on in their lives - so - I guess since I love it, then they might LIKE reading about us more often too! So my new goal will be to write 2 times a week! **wish me luck**

So, we are finally home and settled from our trip to Utah. Man - did we enjoy our visit there! It is always so nice to visit family and friends! We miss you guys TONS already! We'll come back to visit really soon!

Anywho, last Tuesday Matt started back to a semester of college and he really seems to be enjoying it so far! He currently has a 4.0 for college and he is hoping to keep it that way. He's a smartie pants so I am sure he will.

As for me, I start school on Monday, Feb. 1st and I am super excited about it! I know it is probably going to be hard getting back in the swing of things -  and I know it will be challenging - but oh so worth it!

Aubrey is growing like a weed! She is so wonderful, fun, sweet, smart and beautiful! She definitely keeps me busy and on my toes. She now has decided when we ask her a question and she likes what we are asking - she'll shake her head yes. It is the cutest thing! She also love, love, loves her new baby cousin Abby. She will smile at her and give her "loves." She is definitely going to be a great big sister when we have another baby! We are just so thrilled with Aubrey and she blesses our little family so much! We don't know what we'd do without her. I can't believe she is already 16 months old! Where does all of the time go????

We have been BUSY, BUSY, BUSY working on our home. We are thinking we might finish it all up, put it up for sell, and when it sells - maybe!? buy another foreclosure and do it again! We'll see though! It's tons of work - but so fun to take a home that practically looks like crap and turn into something so beautiful!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

I love this time of year!

Halloween and Thanksgiving have come and gone already and I am like, where did the time go? But, hey it's Christmas time now and I am so excited about that!! I wish the spirit of Christmas would exist all year 'round. I love that people are nicer to one another, much more giving, and just more loving. Life for Matt and I has been busy! When we aren't doing school work or playing with Aubrey, our efforts and money go into remodeling our home! It will be awesome when it's all done, but it's been somewhat of a headache, but I guess that is to be expected with remodels right? :) I will upload before and after pics soon! Aubrey is growing like a weed. She will be 15 months old on the 18th. I keep telling myself, where has the time gone? She is so fun and has the cutest personality. One of her current favorite things to do is rearrange mommy's kitchen cabinets. She takes all of the canned food out and then stacks it all back in. She is so smart and spoiled! Matt and I thoroughly enjoy her! She loves to wrestle with daddy. She is definitely a daddy's girl! This is definitely my favorite age so far! She loves to say things like "oh wow" and "oh" and "mama" and "mor mor." Uncle Tommy has recently been trying to teach her to say "boo yah" and do a peach sign. She just giggles and thinks that is so funny. She can't quite do it yet, but soon! She is just wonderful! We love her!! Matt and I are in school. I am only going part-time this semester and I have all A's, but I just got accepted into an online school, so I'll be going hard-core in the spring. Matt is in school and loves it! He has all A's as well. He has the highest grade in his World Lit. class and Computer class (of course!) I am so proud of him! I threw a baby shower for Angie and Tom today and it was fun! She got lots of cute things! I think it was pretty fun and successful for my first baby shower. :) Anywho, we are great! And can't wait for the New Year and what it holds for us! Lots of changes, I am sure. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone! We'll be sending out a Christmas card soon, so be watching the mail! :) ~Robin