Saturday, September 4, 2010

So, it's been about 3 months since I last updated. Sorry! Life just kind of sneaks up on you. So where to begin? Matt went to school ALL summer...poor guy. He knocked out 20 credits in less than 3 months! Yes, I know...he's like SUPERMAN or something! Go babe!! Not to mention, he totally made all A's again! He still has his 4.0 GPA! [And he totally took Anatomy and Physiology! -- which is HARD stuff!] I finished my first term at my online school - WGU. I love them! I am set to graduate Dec. 2011 with my teaching degree! Yes! Aubrey is our little stinker -- she brightens our lives so much! Matt and I are so GLAD, PROUD, THRILLED, and BLESSED to have her! :) We still can't believe that she will be TWO on the 18th of this month. She is learning how to talk better -- although most of what she says is in Chinese -- ;) Her favorite t.v. show is Caillou. YUCK! But, hey I can't complain -- it keeps her entertained so I can get school work done! She loves reading books with Mommy/Daddy, playing with her babies, and playing with her favorite cousin - Abby! She is great! [Definitely spoiled rotten too!]
Matt and I have booked our tickets for Utah this winter!! January 4th-11th! We were planning on visiting in August of this year, but our frequent flier miles wouldn't allow it! :( Oh well! We are excited anyways! We have been working on our home like crazy! If we aren't doing school work, or playing with Aubrey -- we are working on our home. Our next project is ripping out the laundry room/bathroom floor and redoing it all. FUN! [Our pipes burst last winter so we have to replace all of the floors.] We are still planning on moving to Utah next May/June. We are so excited!!! Just everyone hope and pray when we go to list our home -- that we don't have any trouble selling it! :)
Our Home BEFORE - while we were adding the upstairs.  

Our Home AFTER the upstairs was added! :) [Ignore our NON-landscaped yard! It's on the to-do list!]
Me blowing out my candles! [Yeah, I know there aren't 24 of them!]
We also recently celebrated my 24th birthday! Man, I can't believe I am that old! Matt went ALL OUT. I felt so special! He got my wedding ring fixed! [I had knocked it really hard 3 months previous and lost 2 diamonds. :( Yeah, 225 bucks later! Yikes!] He also got me a cake from my favorite in town bakery and an awesome gift basket with all of my favorite treats! Man, I think he loves me or something! :) :) :) He also coordinated with Boyd [the guy who lives with us.] to have the house decorated with like a bazillion balloons and streamers for when we got home from church! :)

My sissy, Mom, Aubs, and me! [Those are some of the balloons in the background!]
Oh and I decided it would be a SMART idea to get Matt to cut off 10 inches of my hair! :) I got it fixed by hair stylist. I love it! So easy to do! :)


sydney said...

yay!!!!! you updated your blog!!!!!! I love it.
wow!! good job on your house! it looks awesome!!
love you! keep blogging!

Jodi Gallagher said...

Glad you are loving your hair! Your addition on the house looks awesome! Can't wait till January and till June! :)

April said...

Yay for your blog update!!! You guys sure keep your selves busy! Way to go! We can't wait for January either... but really can't wait for June!!! It will be so fun to have you guys here!